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  • 5-Year Glass Warranty

  • 2-Year Product Guarantee

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Best Suited for
  • Peak hours usage 3 Vessels

    Peak hours usage
    3 Vessels

  • 5 - 8I Pressure 3 Cooker

    5 - 8I Pressure3 Cooker

  • Removable Drip Tray Yes

    Removable Drip Tray

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71+ Thermal efficiency %
71+ Thermal efficiency %

The appropriate alignment of tri pad mixing chamber and ant guard jet brings gas from valve directly to burner providing 60:40 Air- LPG ratio. This coupled with heavy duty brass burners produce blue flame with improved flame height for better thermal efficiency enabling you to cook faster and save gas

Distinctive Appearance
Distinctive Appearance

Add a splash of colour and style to your kitchen with its unique Sunrise orange coloured gas stove body & chrome platted legs.

Better Spacing Between Burners
Better Spacing Between Burners

Ensure that your three burner gas stove is actually a three burner gas stove! Sufficient space, 270mm gap between the burners allows you to use 3 large vessels simultaneously.

Thermally Toughened Glass
Thermally Toughened Glass

8mm thick thermally toughened glass top makes it highly durable, long lasting and heat resistant.

Heavy Duty Brass Burner
Heavy Duty Brass Burner

Heaviest brass burners that are heavier than the competitors for improved durability, faster cooking and consistent efficiency for years.

Removable Drip Tray
Removable Drip Tray

A removable tray for easy cleaning that collects all the spillage to ensure mess-free cooking.

Pan Support
Pan Support

High quality powder coating on pan support prevents corrosion and improves durability. Heavier pan support makes it sturdier to improve the ease of cooking.

Tri Pad Mixing Chamber
Tri Pad Mixing Chamber

Featuring for the first time, a mixing tube made of high grade aluminium material fixed firmly to the gas stove. This feature supports the right mixture of air & gas ratio for increased efficiency and perfect flame.

Triad Nozzle
Triad Nozzle

The first of its kind in the industry with a unique provision for connecting gas tube from all 3 sides of your gas stove. An add-on feature that can be availed with additional charges.

ANT Guard Jet
ANT Guard Jet

The ant guard jet aligns with the tri-pad mixing chamber to bring pressurized gas directly to the burner. It is uniquely designed* (patent pending) to prevent entry of ants to ensure smooth functioning for years and minimise low flame issues.

Inverted U Shaped MS Strips
Inverted U Shaped MS Strips

A one of a kind feature found in Preethi’s range of gas stoves is the inverted U-Shaped strips designed to provide more strength and durability.

Ignition Manual
No of Burners 3
Body Type MS Coated
Glass Shape Rectangle
Glass Thickness 8 mm
Glass Dimension (L X W X H) 770 X 400 X 140 mm
Name of the Company (i.e. Manufactured/Imported by) Philips Domestic Appliances India Ltd
Address of the Manufacturer/Importer Philips Domestic Appliances India Ltd., Futura Tech Park, Q4, 4th Floor, Block B, #334, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, (OMR), Sholinganallur, Chennai- 600 119
Common or Generic name of the Product Glass Top Gas Stove
Net Quantity (in standard unit i.e. N or U) 1 N
MRP (inclusive of all taxes) 11282
  • Body Sheet Thickness (mm) 0.7 Metal Thickness + Coating

    Body Sheet Thickness (mm) 0.7 Metal Thickness + Coating

  • Body Height 50 mm

    Body Height 50 mm

  • Total Burner Weight 610 g

    Total Burner Weight 610 g

  • Burner to Burner Distance (mm) 270 mm

    Burner to Burner Distance (mm) 270 mm

  • Mixing Tube Material Aluminium - ADC12

    Mixing Tube Material Aluminium - ADC12

  • Total Mixing Tube Weight 500 g

    Total Mixing Tube Weight 500 g

  • Gas Cock Material Brass

    Gas Cock Material Brass

  • Drip Tray Materials SS 202

    Drip Tray Materials SS 202

  • Drip Tray Thickness Min 0.5 mm

    Drip Tray Thickness Min 0.5 mm

  • Pan Support Height 20 ± 2 mm

    Pan Support Height 20 ± 2 mm

  • Pan Support Material MS

    Pan Support Material MS

  • Leg Height 40 mm

    Leg Height 40 mm

  • NOZZLE (Material) Aluminium

    NOZZLE (Material) Aluminium

  • JET (Material) Brass

    JET (Material) Brass

  • Country of Origin INDIA

    Country of Origin INDIA

Burner Rating
Super Big
Mini Small
Total Gas Input
3 Burner
Lts./hr gms./hr
52 128 1394
72 177 1930
90 221 2413
- - -
214 526 5337
Manual/ For use with commercial LPG at 2.942 kN/m2 (30gf/ cm2)
This product is made for LPG. However, you can request our service center for a change.
In our regular 3 burner glass top gas stoves, we have a jumbo burner, a big burner and a small burner. But this composition varies and you can find the details in the respective product pages.
As per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS 4246) every burner can hold a weight of 25kg.
The glass that is used on Preethi gas stoves are thermally toughened and can handle tough usage. But we have to keep in mind the characteristics of glass to avoid breakage i.e. – Dropping sharp edges, exposing the glass to extreme heat and then suddenly cooling or vice-versa etc.,
No. These products are not auto ignition enabled
All our glass top gas stoves come with 8mm thickness glass except for Zeal series. Zeal series comes with 6mm glass thickness.
Yes. We were the first brand to introduce removable drip tray in glass stop gas stoves except for Zeal series.
No. Gas stoves are kitchen appliances which can be installed by the consumer with ease.
Every product comes with a specific size that best suits the design. Hence please check the respective product pages for the same.
Some products in our range come with the lighter holder. Gas hose is not a part of the product as it varies based on the consumer requirement.
There is an aluminum sheet below the glass to ensure proper heat dissipation and to safeguard glass particles from spluttering in the event of any breakage.
Our nozzles are made of stainless steel except for the revolving nozzle at the back. The revolving nozzle is made of aluminium to ensure flexibility.
The valves are made of brass. In Valentino carbon, the safety valve is made of high grade aluminium to ensure maximum safety.
Once you finish cooking, allow the glass to cool down naturally. Then, any detergent can be used to clean these stains with a soft vessel cleaning pad or a cloth. Usage of metal or hard wire scrubbers are not recommended.
All our products come with a 2year warranty and that is applicable to the powder coated body & pan support too.
Each product varies in weight depending on the size and material specification. You can find the same in the respective product pages.
Our products come with a triad nozzle design for most of 3 burners. This means the consumer can choose between right, left or behind. As a default the nozzle is to the right side of the person standing in front .
The body of the gas stove is either made of stainless steel or mild steel depending on the design.
Our warranty on glass varies with the model ranging from 2years to lifetime. Zeal series comes with 2years glass warranty, Freedom series comes with 5 years glass warranty, Valentino & Power Duo comes with lifetime glass warranty.

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